MAGMA MIC 1.0 Beta for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors Released
MAGMA MIC 1.0 Bata is now available. This release provides implementations for MAGMA's one-sided (LU, QR, and Cholesky) and two-sided (Hessenberg, bi- and tridiagonal reductions) dense matrix factorizations for Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors. More information on the approach is given in this presentation.
The MAGMA MIC 1.0 Beta release adds the following new functionalities:
  • Added multiple MIC LU factorization (routines {z|c|d|s}getrf_mmic)
  • Added multiple MIC QR factorization (routines {z|c|d|s}geqrf_mmic)
  • Added multiple MIC Cholesky factorization (routines {z|c|d|s}potrf_mmic)
  • Performance improvements for the single MIC LU, QR, and Cholesky factorizations
  • Added LU factorization in CPU interface
  • Added mixed-precision iterative refinement LU solver (with CPU and MIC interfaces)
  • Added reduction to band diagonal for Hermitian/symmetric matrices (routines {z|c|d|s}hetrd_he2hb)
  • Added Hessenberg reduction algorithm ({z|c|d|s}gehrd)
  • Added reduction to tridiagonal for Hermitian/symmetric matrices (routines {zhe|che|dsy|ssy}trd)
  • Added reduction to bidiagonal (routines {z|c|d|s}gebrd)
  • Added {zun|cun|dor|sor}gqr
  • Added {zun|cun|dor|sor}ghr
  • Added {zun|cun|dor|sor}mqr_mic
  • Added GEMV benchmark to test MIC's bandwidth.


See the Software section for a download link.

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