MAGMA 1.4 Beta Released
MAGMA 1.4 Beta is now available. This release provides performance improvements and support for the new NVIDIA Kepler GPUs. More information is given in the MAGMA: a New Generation of Linear Algebra Libraries for GPU and Multicore Architectures SC12 presentation. The MAGMA 1.4 Beta release adds the following new functionalities:
  • Merge libmagmablas into libmagma to eliminate circular dependencies.
    Link with just -lmagma now;
  • Add multi-GPU Hessenberg and non-symmetric eigenvalue routines:
    geev_m, gehrd_m, unghr_m, ungqr_m;
  • Fix required workspace size in gels_gpu, gels3_gpu, geqrs_gpu, geqrs3_gpu;
  • Fix required workspace size in [zcsd]geqrf;
  • Add macro USE_INT64 to compile with int being 64-bit. See;
  • Add panel factorizations for LU, QR, and Cholesky entirely on the GPU, correspondingly in [zcsd]getf2_gpu, [zcsd]geqr2_gpu, and [zcsd]potf2_gpu;
  • Add QR with pivoting in GPU interface (functions [zcsd]geqp3_gpu), and improve the performance for both CPU and GPU interface QRs with pivoting;
  • Add multi-GPU symmetric eigenvalue routines (one-stage):
    [zhe|che|ssy|dsy]evd_m, [zhe|che|ssy|dsy]evdx_m,
    [zhe|che|ssy|dsy]gvd_m, [zhe|che|ssy|dsy]gvdx_m ;
  • Add single and multi-GPU symmetric eigenvalue routines (two-stage):
    [zhe|che|ssy|dsy]evdx_2stage,     [zhe|che|ssy|dsy]gvdx_2stage,
    [zhe|che|ssy|dsy]evdx_2stage_m, [zhe|che|ssy|dsy]gvdx_2stage_m .

See the Software section for a download link.

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